Spring has sprung, and the bears in Colorado are coming out of hibernation.

According to a report from Colorado Parks and Wildlife, bears are coming out of their winter slumber and are starting to scour around for food. If you don't want to be a bear's next snack, keep reading.

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Hibernating Bears in Colorado

The bears here in Colorado are slowly starting to emerge from their long winter slumber and they are hungry! You probably would be too if you hadn't eaten in the last six months.

The first bears to wake from hibernation are typically males. Not surprising though right? Colorado Parks and Wildlife have already received numerous bear reports in 14 counties throughout Colorado.

After the males, the females who did not give birth are the next to come out of hibernation.

Lastly, the females who did give birth finally awaken in late April.

Why You Should Never Feed Bears in Colorado

Not only should you never EVER feed a bear, but you also should never feed any type of wildlife in Colorado.

Keep in mind, that's not a suggestion, it's the law.

“Every time a bear gets a treat, a bird feeder, a hummingbird feeder, or trash, it teaches the bear that people mean food,” said Mark Lamb, CPW’s Area Wildlife Manager for Area 1 which covers Park, Gilpin, and Clear Creek counties along with the western half of Jefferson County.

“People who think that it’s one time, no big deal, are totally wrong. It is a big deal when you compound that ‘one time’ with how many ‘one timers’ they get from your neighbors, too. It adds up.”

Tips to Avoid Bear Confrontation in Colorado

The Colorado Parks and Wildlife department suggests using these tips to avoid bear confrontations here in Colorado:

  • Keep garbage in a well-secured enclosure.
  • Only put out garbage on the morning of pickup; bring empty cans back inside before dark.
  • Use a bear-resistant trash can or dumpster. These are available online or from your trash hauler.
  • Clean all garbage cans regularly to keep them odor-free. The scent of ammonia can deter bears.
  • Clean all BBQ grills.
  • Keep garage doors and windows closed and locked, especially between dusk and dawn.

For more tips on avoiding confrontations with bears in Colorado, click here.

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