In honor of Labor Day Weekend and Pork and Hops coming up September 12 and 13, I figured we'd celebrate with some of our less intelligent amateur BBQers.

It's amazing how dumb some of these people can be. And I hope we don't have some of these same problems, blow-ups and explosions during The Bud Light Colorado Pork and Hops Challenge.

Remember these five tips:

  1. Gasoline is flammable
  2. Lighter fluid is flammable
  3. Propane is flammable
  4. Your eyebrows grow back very slowly
  5. Nobody wants a flame broiled well done face

The Bud Light Colorado Pork and Hop Challenge is September 12and 13 at Lincoln Park.

Save money this weekend and get two tickets for just $25 by getting your tickets here and entering the promo code twodaydeal.

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