One of the biggest concert surprises in Grand Junction during 2018 was the Six Million Dollar Band during Pork n Hops.

If you missed the show, it's perfectly understandable. Most likely you had never heard of the band and couldn't have imagined they would be any good.

However, I can tell you with great confidence that anyone who attended the Six Million Dollar Band concert at The Amphitheater did not leave disappointed. I remember being so impressed with this band I was thinking I might even drive to their next concert appearance. This was truly one of the most fun and enjoyable concerts I have ever been to.

The Six Million Dollar Band is an 80s cover band out of Denver. You know all the songs they play, and they play the songs with such outstanding skill and musicianship, it's the next best thing to the original.

Jump, Let's Go Crazy, Footloose, We Got the Beat. Don't You Want Me, White Wedding, Material Girl, and Jessie's Girl are just a handful of the monster hits they perform.

All I can say is if you enjoy 80s music, you don't want to miss this concert. Get some friends together, come on out to the amphitheater, enjoy some delicious BBQ, and party down.

Friday, September  6, Grand Junction's own Rock Dawgs will open the 2019 Pork n Hops at 5:30 followed by the Six Million Dollar Band. Most of the seating on Friday night is general admission so you'll want to come early and get a spot up close to the stage. When you buy your tickets through Ticketmaster it will tell you no seats are available upfront, but for Friday night you can move up as close as you want.

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