A bald eagle has been found dead near a reservoir in Colorado. The bald eagle's death was due to a gun shot wound. Colorado Parks & Wildlife is asking your help in finding more information.

It breaks my heart to hear we've lost another bald eagle in Colorado. The bald eagle was found by a man near his home. The man lives near the Milton Reservoir in Weld County.

He found the bald eagle dead on the morning of May 10. But, the man said that the night before in that same area, he saw the same eagle alive according to 9 News.

The bald eagle was shot in the lower abdomen which wasn't initially fatal according to CPW. The gun shot did cause a liver fracture and internal hemorrhages. This is what killed the poor bald eagle within 24 - 48 hours.

The bullet and the eagle's remains are being held as evidence, according to CPW. Bald eagles are state and federally protected. Colorado Parks & Wildlife is asking you to share any information on the bald eagle's death.

  • If you have any information, call CPW's Fort Collins Service Center
    • 970-472-4300 or
  • Operation Game Thief hotline
    • 877-265-6648

I can't imagine why anyone would want to do this to a bald eagle. It's a beautiful, majestic creature. We've worked so hard to increase the bald eagle population here in Colorado. If the person responsible doesn't come forward, they will make it worse.

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