Two felons have been squatting in a $3.5 million home in Aspen since December. Now they're trying to claim squatter's rights on the home.

The owner of this home in Aspen is in her 80s and lives in California, according to CBS Denver. She has been trying to sell her home for the past year and said that no one should be living on the property.

Isaac Brehm, 26, and Tyler Parks, 32, have been living in this Aspen house for the last few months. They've been arrested and are now facing charges for selling the homeowner's property, driving the owner's car, possession of stolen goods and heroin.

The stolen goods include a trailer and motorcycle. They also caused $25,000 worth of damage to the home

Isaac said he did landscaping and snowplowed the driveway for two years. Then he moved in December because of 'adverse possession.' Adverse possession aka squatter's rights, states that if a person occupies a property for a certain time without the owner ejecting them, the person can exercise title over the land according to Vail Daily.

He admitted to not having any contact with the homeowner at all and that they didn't know he was living there with Isaac.

While Isaac has no previous felony criminal record, until now, Tyler does. Tyler has been convicted of four felonies in the last ten years. He also had active warrens and was on probation during the time of his arrest at the Aspen home.

I have a strong feeling that these felons won't be receiving squatter's rights on this property.

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