Can you help make a wish come true for a sick 11-year-old boy?

A Brain Tumor Diagnosis

Antonio Pachecho is a little boy who was diagnosed with Medulloblastoma in February of 2020 when he was 9-years old. At the time of the diagnosis,  his family lived in Grand Junction, but after months of making the 4-hour drive to Denver for treatments and surgeries, they decided to leave Grand Junction in order to be closer to the hospital.

It's been a challenging time for the family, trying to find steady work in the midst of a demanding chemo schedule, radiation trips to the doctor, and spending as much time as possible with their only son.
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Antonio's Dream To Explore the Ocean Gets Crushed

Antonio would love to be a marine biologist and his dream was to swim with sharks, explore the ocean, and visit Universal Studios through the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Unfortunately, since Antonio's diagnosis happened at the beginning of COVID, his Make-A-Wish trip had to be postponed several times before being canceled. Apparently, the foundation has a time limit and Antonio is no longer eligible for a trip through Make-A-Wish.


Can Antonio's Dream Still Come True?

His parents would still like to make Antonio's wish come true and take him on the trip of his life, but they are about $4,000 short. A Go Fund Me account has been established to help the family meet this shortfall. The money will be used for this trip and to help the family through this painful experience.

Most of us can't really relate to having a child who is fighting for his life every single day. But, we can understand the love of a mom and dad who want nothing more than to bring some joy to a child during a most difficult time.

What Can You Do To Help?

The goal isn't large, but maybe there is something you can do to help this family that was once a part of our Grand Junction community. A monetary donation would be fantastic, but, if that isn't possible they would greatly appreciate your prayers on behalf of Antonio.

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