If you thought you could not create amazingly delicious cinnamon rolls, I'm here to tell you it's way more possible than you might imagine.

I spent some time in the kitchen recently baking cinnamon rolls and I was pretty much shocked at the results. These things were so yummy delicious I couldn't believe they were produced with my own two hands.

I've tried to bake cinnamon rolls in the past, and, frankly, they have never been very good. I've really come to just feel hopeless in this area of my life. The secret to making cinnamon rolls that a real person would actually want to eat seemed like a mystery that was locked away with the deepest secrets of the universe.

My inspiration came from Hopemakers, which got me pointed in the right direction. All I needed was the essentials of putting the bread and icing together. I was feeling hopeful, based upon my years of trial and error that I could make amazing cinnamon rolls.

In this case, they turned out to be fantastic. As good as they were, this experience  gave me some knowledge that will make the next batch even better. I can tell you the key to delicious cinnamon rolls is being divinely generous with the cinnamon and sugar and the icing. Whatever the recipe calls for, do a little more.

Keep in mind, I said these cinnamon rolls are easy. That doesn't necessarily equate with fast. It's a process that takes a little time, but, I'm here to tell you - if I can do it, anyone can do it. Take a look and see if this is something you'd like to try. I have a feeling that once you do it - it won't be the last time.

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