The backcountry area in the Colorado mountains had almost 50 avalanches hit in a little over 48 hours last week.

Here's the good news, no one was hurt.

The snow that fell last week fell on areas with fragile snowpack structure, meaning it was destined to crack and fall and that's what it did.

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The worst of the avalanches happened on Wolf Creek Pass as the slide there was categorized as an "R4-D2" avalanche with a large path that was capable of burying, killing or injuring anyone or anything in its path. Fortunately, there were no people in the area at the time.

The heavy new snow that fell on the existing snowpack cracked it underneath the weight, which triggered the many avalanches that occurred.

With the avalanche issues we experienced last year, let's hope no one loses their lives due to them this year. You can keep tabs on areas usually high in avalanche warnings here.

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