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An alarming twelve shootings were reported in Colorado over a 30-hour span, with six of the people shot succumbing to their injuries.

All of the shootings occurred either in the Denver metro area or Northeastern Colorado and as of this morning, Wednesday, January 27th, all of the cases are still under investigation.

The first shooting took place on Monday, January 25th in Denver where the victim was transported to the hospital with unknown injuries. This was followed by another shooting in Aurora where the victim passed away upon being transported to the hospital. Monday saw a third shooting, also in Denver where a man was also transported to the hospital.

Tuesday, January 26th was a deadly day as well, beginning with a 29-year-old man being fatally shot in Lakewood that morning. This was followed by a woman being fatally shot by another woman in Adams County that morning as well.

Tuesday morning would see two additional shootings - one in Commerce City and another in Adams County. As of today, Wednesday, January 27th neither of these shootings had fatalities reported.

The violence continued into the afternoon as a man was found with a gunshot wound in Denver where he was transported to the hospital, and another shooting took place at a Greeley 7-Eleven resulting in non-life-threatening injuries.

Tuesday would see two more shootings in Denver, one of which resulted in a juvenile succumbing to his injuries at the hospital.

Finally, another shooting took place early this morning on Denver's Colfax Avenue where the victim also succumbed to his injuries at the hospital. It's unclear as to whether or not any of these shootings are related.

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