A Denver couple was shot after a man got angry about their dog pooping near his apartment. The boyfriend survived the shooting and sadly his girlfriend did not.

Darian Simon and Isabella Thalas were walking their dog near Coors Field in Denver. They were walking in the Ballpark neighborhood on Wednesday, June 10 when something absolutely terrible and tragic happened.

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Darian gave his dog the command to go number two when a person in a nearby apartment starting yelling at him. The man in a ground floor apartment yelled at Darian through the window asking him if he was going to train his dog or just yell at it. Darian tried to ignore him and saw him pointing a gun at him, which he thought was a pellet gun -- it was not.

The man in the apartment starting shooting and Darian ran away until he couldn't anymore. Darian was shot in the leg and butt and was taken to the hospital and unfortunately, his girlfriend did not survive the shooting. Isabella was sadly killed in the shooting, she just turned 21 years old earlier this week.

36-year-old Michael Close was arrested in Pine Junction, according to CBS4, and is now facing a first-degree murder charge and an aggravated assault charge. We're not sure why Michael Close shot this Denver couple, it makes no sense to shoot someone over dog poop.

Sadly, this isn't the first time this has happened in Colorado. In February, two people walking their dogs in Aurora got into an argument. They were arguing about someone not picking up their dog's number two, things escalated and one of the dog walkers pulled out a gun and fired.

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