There is no doubt that the pandemic has forced many to work in very different ways. If a new study is to be believed, there are an alarming number of people who are now attending remote work meetings while on the toilet.

I saw this on Study Finds. It claims that 1 out of ever 6 people are doing business while they are (*ahem*) doing business. It's based on a study by Homecure. They made a handy graphic to show what people are doing.

For the 4% that are eating food, please wash your hands now. For the 4% that are fall asleep on the toilet, please comment on how you're accomplishing that. On second thought, don't.

One thing to keep in mind if you're that 1 in 6 in meetings while also going #1 or #2, remember the girl that became famous in all the wrong ways when she forgot she was in a video meeting while on the toilet.

I don't want to discriminate, so let's not pretend that guys aren't doing this, too.

Repeat after me: bran is not your friend...bran is not your friend.

You can check out the full study from Homecure to see what other habits people are taking with them into the bathroom. Then, let's please try to stop the madness.

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