The only thing that could make this story better is if the bear would've been wearing some CSU green and gold...but it wasn't.

According to the Denver Channel and Colorado Parks and Wildlife, a bear was spotted running through Downtown Boulder on Friday.

YouTube/ The Denver Channel
Wildlife rangers from Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks which found a cozy tree to climb around the Broadway/Canyon Boulevard area. After all of that running around, the bear was tired and rested for a few hours up in the tree before heading down and exploring a little more.

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As a friendly reminder, it is ALWAYS important to respect wildlife and never approach a wild animal whether it is in the wild or in someplace like Downtown Boulder, always dispose of your food in proper receptacles and never...EVER feed bears because they're kinda like cats, once you feed them...they'll always come back looking for more except they weigh several hundred pounds more, have insane claws, teeth and will do some serious damage to both your property and you.

What You Should ACTUALLY Do If You See A Bear

  • Don't panic. While a bear encounter might be shocking, panicking could only make it worse. ...
  • Make your presence known. If you're out walking in the woods and you spot a bear, act like you would with a stranger. ...
  • Hike in a group of at least three people. Bears don't like to approach groups of people, so hiking with friends is much safer than hiking alone.
  • Don't run away. Running away might incite a bear to chase you. Rather, retreat calmly to a distance about the length of a football field.


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