This November, Mesa County voters will be given the option of raising property taxes for the purpose of upgrading District 51 schools, and here are seven things to know about these proposals.

If the District 51 Bond and Mill Levy measures are passed by local voters in the November election, it will mean a tax increase for property owners, but it also means upgrading Mesa County's education system.

There is a website with more information, but in a nutshell, here are seven things to know about Measures 3A and 3B.

  • 1

    How Much Will Taxes Increase?

    If both measures pass, it would raise property taxes by $5 per month for every $100,000 of your home's value.

  • 2

    How Long Has it Been?

    The last time a bond measure and mill levy was approved was 2004 and the result was the construction of Fruita 8/9 School, Pear Park Elementary, Rimrock Elementary, Chipeta Elementary, and the replacement of Bookcliff Middle School, the Career Center, plus renovations at 37 schools.

  • 3

    More School Days

    Five days would be added to the school year, which currently is 18 days less than the national average

  • 4

    New Construction

    New construction projects would include the replacement of Orchard Mesa Middle School, a gym at Dual Immersion Academy, and an auxiliary gym at Palisade High School.

  • 5

    What About Marijuana Tax Money?

    Marijuana tax funding can be used only for school construction, and behavioral health or drug resistance education programs. School District 51 has applied for grants from recreational pot taxes but has been denied.

  • 6

    Will it Improve the Economy?

    It's hard to say exactly what the economic impact to the community would be, but the story is told that Honeywell was considering bringing 600 jobs to Grand Junction, but opted against it after seeing the poor condition of some Mesa County Schools and an underfunded school system.

  • 7

    Repairs, Renovations, Technology, Curriculum

    The money would go to on-going repairs, renovations, technology and technology staff, maintenance, security, and curriculum.

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