If you have never been to the Glade Park Store, it's time to go.

It took me nearly 16 years of living in Grand Junction before I finally saw the Glade Park Store with my own eyes. How is that even possible?

But, recently, I had the occasion to go to Glade Park and experience the town's only retail establishment. Seeing the store first hand was almost like seeing Santa Claus. I had heard about the store for so long, but had never actually seen it. Does the Glade Park Store actually exist? The answer is,  yes, Virginia, the Glade Park Store does exist.

In years past I'm told, you might have run into actor Ricky Schroeder from time to time at the store. The former TV star of Silver Spoons and NYPD Blue used to have a ranch in the Glade Park area.

Zane Mathews
Zane Mathews

Of course, at the Glade Park Store, you'll find some basic grocery items like eggs, milk, and snacks, plus gas and some hardware items. But, you'll also find some unexpected items.

* Need hay and straw? The Glade Park Store is the place to go
* Do you still mail letters and bills?  You'll find postage stamps for sale at the Glade Park Store
* Still use a phone book? You can find one at the Glade Park Store.
* Do you love jerky? Try T.J.s Jerky - an award-winning private recipe, I assume from store owner Theresa Janssen.
* Like to read? Pick up a copy of "Murder in Self-Defense", some history from local author John Lynn.

Plenty of people pass through Glade Park on a regular basis, but I believe there is a sizeable number of Mesa County residents who have never laid eyes on the Glade Park Store.

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