Jennie France was the definition of a savage. She was born in 1873 in Iowa. Jennie moved from Orchard Mesa to Glade Park with her husband, William, in 1910.

They ran a fruit farm in Glade Park and that same year, something amazing happened. In 1910 Jennie France was appointed Glade Park's postmaster.

Her skills don't stop there though. Along with being Glade Park's postmaster and running a fruit farm, Jennie also ran a grocery store in Glade Park. I'm very impressed with this woman's ambition and savageness.

That's not it for Jennie. Jennie France was also an undertaker too. She ended up getting a divorce from William in 1914 and remarried in 1930 to Jefferson G. Morgan.

Jennie passed away in1958 and is buried in the Palisade Cemetery. It seems like Jennie was a fearless individual who always went after what she wanted. She's the definition of a savage.

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