A crisp fall hike is even more fun with a legend to go with it. Check out these Colorado hikes that go past the site of some creepy or otherwise unexplained phenomenon.

Grab a few friends and explore five Colorado hikes that have spooky backstories. You won't want to go alone. Well, maybe you will. Hike on!

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Hike These Colorado Trails Surrounding Actual Haunted Sites

We found 5 trails in Colorado that actually surround sites with some creepy backstories. One trail will take you to an old B-17 crash site from the 1940s, and another will lead you to a site of one of the most gruesome massacres to take place anywhere in the state.

Great Day Hikes for Halloween

Lace up your hiking boots and bring extra batteries for your flashlight because these haunted trails are totally worth the fright this fall. Keep going for even more haunted stops along the western slope below.

5 Haunted Colorado Hikes Well Worth the Fright This Fall

Fall weather can be great for hiking on our Colorado trails. Check out ghost stories behind these 5 haunted hikes as you get ready for Halloween.

KEEP GOING: You Told Us These Grand Junction Locations are Haunted

This is the season for ghost walks, a trip to the corn maze, and maybe a haunted house or two. Grand Junction, Colorado was founded in 1882. Like any community that dates back this far, a few of the locations in the area are bound to have a creepy reputation.

MORE: Brave Enough to Stay in This Haunted Colorado Brothel Airbnb?

This Colorado Airbnb, a former brothel, has it all - comfort, history, and ghosts. You should book a stay at this haunted piece of haunted Americana.

Even the name is creepy. The awesome Black Monarch can be found in the town of Victor, Colorado, roughly 45 minutes from Colorado Springs. Looking at their schedule, the place has vacancies available for the remainder of 2022.

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