Do you ever drive down the street in Fort Collins and think to yourself, Hmm...should I have made that turn? Was it right to merge there? ....Was that legal?

No? Me neither. 

In all seriousness, there are a lot of traffic laws in existence in Colorado, several of which we've all gotten pulled over for at one point or another. This includes rolling through stop signs, illegally parking, or even warming up our cars during a morning snowstorm. Did you know about the ones included below, though? We've highlighted five little-known traffic laws in Colorado, and you might be a surprised by a few of these.

From wearing your headphones in traffic to completing a left turn in an intersection, here are the five road rules you didn't know existed in Colorado. The Denver Channel helped us with this list, so check out their full article here for the entire list of laws you may be overlooking. We picked five that we think Northern Colorado drivers make more than any others.

Help us make the streets a little safer, and follow the below rules...because you may have broken a few on the way home from work today.

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