For most concertgoers, Country Jam is full of fun, the sun, and top-notch entertainment. For those who break the law, the weekend is an entirely different experience.

One of the things some festival goers seem to forget is the people who run Country Jam, (Townsquare Media who also owns the radio station, so we have a personal stake in the festival), want it to be a safe, comfortable, and trouble-free weekend for people of all ages.

However, there are always those few who, under the influence, underage, and less than civil, can spoil that. The solution? A no-nonsense policy on dealing with misbehavior - alcohol or not - and illegal activity.

One of the things often forgotten is not all of those whose job it is to bust lawbreakers are in uniform. Think about it, how fun would it be if it looked like the festival is swarming with law enforcement? See 'em or not, relax, they've got your back.

Now, it's time for the facts from day one of Country Jam 2017 (June 15). According to the Mesa County Sheriff's Office, there were 44 arrests for alcohol-related offenses. All 44 were issued a summons.

There was also a report of theft, verbal disturbance, intoxicated subjects, trespass, traffic stop, and Zachary Denny, 28, was arrested for 2nd Degree Assault.

Underage liquor violations include:

  • 43 Minor in Possession/Alcohol Offenses
  • 2 Procuring Alcohol to a Minor
  • 2 Fake ID
  • 1 Possession of Another's ID
  • 2 False Reporting

When you consider the number of people who attend Country Jam, this represents a small minority. But it's a minority the rest of us don't have to deal with.

That means you can focus on having the incredible weekend you paid for. Enjoy the music and all that makes the Jam festive.

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