A 4-year-old cancer patient gets her wish when she 'marries' her favorite nurse in this adorable make-believe wedding.

There are a lot of little girls who dream of growing up, meeting their own prince charming, marrying and living happily ever after. But when you're a young girl with cancer, there's no guarantee that will happen.

For 4-year-old Abby Sayles, her wish was to 'marry' her prince of the moment, nurse Matt Hickling, who had been caring for her throughout her treatment.

After Abby told her mom, Renee Sayles, what she planned on doing, Renee decided to let Matt know what Abby was planning.

Matt initially tried to 'play hard to get,' but in the end Abby's charm won out. For Matt, it's something he could do to help the family through a difficult time. Plus, it gave Abby a moment she could remember, at least until she meets the real man of her dreams.

I think everyone hopes young Abby wins her battle with cancer, grows up, meets the perfect man and gets the real wedding this remarkable little girl deserves.