The annual Yampa River cleanup was this past weekend and a whole lot of cleaning was done. 380 cigarette butts and 265 pieces of plastic were found during the cleanup.

140 volunteers took the time to remove thousands of pieces of trash from the Yampa River this past Saturday morning (July 7). I am disgusted with the amount of trash found in only 12 miles of the Yampa River.

Among the 380 cigarette butts and 265 pieces of plastic found during the annual Yampa River cleanup, this are a few other things that were found, according to Steamboat Today:

  • 200 aluminum cans
  • 105 golf balls
  • 75 pieces of broken glass
  • 7 bags of dog poop
  • 5 liquor bottles
  • 3 pairs of underwear
  • 3 shotgun shells

Those are only a few of the pieces of trash found during the annual Yampa River cleanup. This is so disappointing. How could you leave broken glass knowing that a person or animal could be injured? It's seem malicious. As far of the seven bags of dog poop found, that is just gross and lazy. And I don't even want to think about how those three pairs of underwear got there.

Although there was less trash found this year than last, that could be due to a few different factors. We've got to do better to take care of our environment. Just think, if people didn't dispose of these items in the Yampa River, we wouldn't have to clean them out of it.

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