Classic rock fans can be hard to shop for, mainly because there are always so many old and new releases and repackages floating around. Need proof? Just check out the enormous amount of Record Store Day Black Friday 2016 deals.

The dilemma is clear: What do you get for the classic rock fan that has everything, if high-quality reissues of favorite albums or lavish boxed sets aren't a necessity? The answer is rather simple: How about holiday-themed merchandise?

In recent years, artists have started selling limited-edition apparel and accessories tied to certain special days. Although Halloween merchandise is (unsurprisingly) popular with rock bands, and Christmas and holiday albums and singles are ever-popular staples, holiday-themed items are also big business. Every year, artists unveil limited-edition sweaters, sweatshirts, ornaments, stockings, scarves and other festive ephemera, to make the holiday season that much more rocking.

Many artists prefer to go the ugly sweater (or sweatshirt) route, while some try to produce versatile merchandise that's relevant year-round. And, in a nod to fans who might not celebrate Christmas, much of this apparel isn't necessarily tied to the holiday itself. Instead, it just hints at this festive time of year by using certain color schemes or neutral symbols that universally represent celebration.

No matter what route musicians go, however, one thing's clear: The holiday season is that much more devil horn-worthy for anyone with this festive swag in his or her life. Click the gallery above to see 18 holiday-themed classic rock items fans can order right now.

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