Colorado Governor Jared Polis is joining with many across the country to review the names of buildings, mountains, and public places that may have an association with bigotry or racism.

Thursday (July 2) Governor Jared Polis issued an executive order creating an advisory board to review names of Colorado's mountains, public places, landmark names, and state flags. He said this about the board:

(It) will ensure that a broad spectrum of Coloradans, local communities, and Colorado’s land-based Tribes can collaborate on any potential naming or renaming of Colorado geological points or landmarks.

According to the order, the Colorado Geographic Naming Advisory Board will collaborate with the United States Board of Geographic Names or come review, evaluate and make changes and decisions on controversial names. They will then make recommendations and the board will make the final decision.

The Denver Post mentioned Mt. Evans and Redskin Mountain are just a few that might be under the microscope.

Mount Evans specifically was named after former Colorado governor John Evans, who was forced to resign after his part in massacre and cover-up of killing local Native American tribes.

This story is ongoing and we will keep you updated.

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