One of the biggest stories of the year in Grand Junction in 2021 was when we all said goodbye to long-time local weatherman Butch McCain.

We Hated To See Him Go

The news came down that the much-loved and popular weatherman was no longer doing the evening news because of the vaccine mandate put down by his employer's parent company. A lot of people in Grand Junction lost their jobs in recent months, but, nobody was more well-known or more loved than Butch McCain.

The reaction to McCain's departure was huge. It was evident that Grand Junction loved Butch McCain - a lot.  After all, he had been doing television weather in the community for nearly 20 years - and he was like family.

It Felt Like We Knew Butch

Over the years, even if we didn't know Butch personally, we got to know him in ways that made us feel like he was a good friend. That's exactly how he came across on the air - like a really good friend.

More Than Just A Weatherman

Butch McCain has been a weatherman for many years, but, more than that he's been an entertainer for much of his adult life dabbling in singing, songwriting, and acting. In fact, you might be surprised to learn just how many times Butch has appeared in movies and on television. Of course, there was the time he did the weather dressed as a woman - which we'll get to momentarily.

Over the years, Butch and his brother, Ben, known as The McCain brothers, did a morning news show together,  recorded music together, and appeared in numerous movies together. Most recently, Butch has appeared in the movies Dragon Soldiers and Jurassic Hunt ,and performed voice work for the series podcast Hit Job, which features the voices of the likes of Pete Davidson, Julianne Hough, and Brook Shields.

13 Things You Didn't Know About Grand Junction Weather Man Butch McCain

Most people in Grand Junction know Butch McCain as a weatherman, but his life has certainly been much more than just giving nightly weather forecasts. From his early days to movies, music, and television here are 13 things you didn't know about Butch McCain. Keep scrolling to see the videos described below.

Incredible Outpouring of Support For Grand Junction Weatherman Butch McCain

As word spread on social media of his termination, we witnessed an incredible outpouring of support for Butch McCain. Butch has a way of delivering the weather so professionally, yet, at the same time, makes you feel like he is your best friend. That's why so many folks in the Grand Valley have loved watching him for so many years. Even if you don't know him personally, it feels like he's your friend. Here is a sample of some of the support McCain has received.


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