There is something really cool happening in Grand Junction and you may not even know about it.

New arrivals and new homeowners in the Grand Valley are being welcomed at a rate of about 100 every month.

Each month, the staff at Welcome Home puts together welcome baskets and takes them out to new homeowners and new arrivals introducing them to many things the Grand Valley has to offer. The baskets are filled with gifts, coupons, and information about Grand Junction, the school district, local businesses, and things to do in the area.

Brook Calhoun started Welcome Home nearly 8 years ago. She says 250-300 homes are purchased in the valley every month and they are able to greet 100 of those homes each month. A greeter shows up at the new homeowner's door with a basket of goodies and then takes ten to twenty minutes to go through all of the items in the basket. Calhoun says between one-third and one-half of the new homeowners they greet are new to the area.

They also have a service called Welcome Home Baby, launched in the summer of 2019. They do 50 baby greets per quarter, delivering baskets of goodies and information designed specifically for expectant mothers.

Although not every contact is a newcomer to the Grand Valley, many of them are and I think this is an awesome way to connect with new people and welcome them to our little corner of the world. And for those local residents who aren't new but are simply buying a new home, it's kind of like getting a fresh start so it's equally cool to get a nice friendly "welcome" from Welcome Home.

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