While living in the deserts of Colorado means we have plenty of hot days, anyone who lives in Grand Junction knows that we still have our fair share of rainy days here. Grand Junction is primarily an outdoor area, mountain biking, hiking, rafting, camping, hunting, etc. However, what is there to do on those rainy summer days? No fear, I’ve compiled a nice list of things to do on rainy Grand Junction Summer days.

1. Stay In Bed

This is seriously one of the best experiences, ever. You make sure the lights are off, open any windows in the room, turn off all of your electronics, and just relax in bed to the smell and sound of the rain. It’s enough to make any crazy person feel like they are 4 years old again! If you have a cuddle buddy to enjoy this with, even better!

2. Drink a Cup of Coffee or Tea

I know this seems simple, but think about it, is there really anything better than a cup of coffee or tea on a rainy day? I have a covered patio, and I love sitting outside under that, drinking a hot cup of coffee or tea. Maybe you could combine this with number one, and drink your hot rainy day beverage in bed while you listen to and smell the rain.

3. Play Board Games

Obviously, you can’t play games by yourself, so you’ll need some other people to play board games. This is seriously one of my favorite childhood memories, my family would play board games during summer rainstorms. If you’re super lucky, you could play board games with your cuddle buddy in bed while drinking coffee and tea. I’m a fan of Risk!

4. Go Mudding

There are several places in the Grand Junction area to go mudding. Some of the best places to take your vehicle in the mud to play are actually in Fruita, Colorado. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, first of all, how long have you lived here? In case you don’t know what I’m talking about, mudding is off roading your vehicle, in the mud, and it’s a blast! There are also some good places near 27 3/4 Rd, and 25 Rd. Good thing there are plenty of car washes throughout Grand Junction.

5. Check Out One Of The Museums

There are a few really great museums in the area, and they are always entertaining. The Museum Of The West is located in Downtown Grand Junction, and it is a great way to spend some time, and reminisce the history of our town and state. The Dinosaur Journey Museum is located in Fruita, Colorado. Dinosaur Journey promises hours of educational fun for you and your family. I go to the Dinosaur Journey often, and sometimes my kids come with me.

6. Hit The Virtual Driving Range

GJ Golf is a business down by the Mesa Mall in Grand Junction, Colorado. These guys have a pretty rad simulated driving range. You can spend some time driving golf balls, indoors. You pretty much get to have your cake and eat it too!

7. Laser Tag

There are a few places in town where you can play laser tag. Bananas off of the Riverside Parkway and Spin City by the Mesa Mall are two places in Grand Junction you can play laser tag. Spin City also has bowling and roller skating. Bananas also have bumper boats, go carts, bump and jumps, and an arcade. Just know, the whole time, that I could kick your butt at laser tag. Anytime, anywhere.

8. An Indoor Trampoline Park

Get Air Silo is a pretty rare trampoline park in Grand Junction, Colorado. It’s off of 7th street just past the railroad tracks. In addition to the trampoline park, they also have a Parkour course, and Parkour training classes. This is an all ages friendly, fun time. If anyone wants to challenge me at the Ninja Training Course, bring it on!

9. Go Ice Skating

I experienced the Glacier Ice Arena for the first time a few weeks ago. The Ice Arena is located in Grand Junction, off of the Riverside Parkway just past 25 Road. I had gone ice skating on lakes as a kid, but I had never been on an ice rink before. I took my son with me and we had an absolute blast! The nice thing is, if you suck at skating, they have traffic cones you can use to help hold yourself up. This is probably one area you could kick my butt at!

10. Karaoke

If you’re hoping to sing karaoke in Grand Junction, you’re in luck. I’m quite certain that every bar in town, and probably every McDonalds, has Karaoke. A simple Facebook search would be enough for you to find Karaoke somewhere in Grand Junction, any day of the week. Let me know if someone DOESN’T sing Wonderwall.

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