Valentine's Day is a tough day for some. Some can't stand it, some call it a Hallmark Holiday, some get super sad because they're lonely, and some just don't care.

I like Valentine's Day even if I'm not dating. I remember being in grade school and working on my Valentine's cards and smiling the whole time.

To me, it's a good reminder to love others well even when I don't feel like it. With dating, it's a way to let that special someone know you care and for those married folks sometimes life gets so busy that it's a great excuse to go on a date like you used to.

1. Don't Blow It Off

This is just as bad as forgetting about it. Let your love know this is a day that gives you an extra opportunity to give some extra T.L.C.

2. Write Your Sweetie a Love Letter.

Love letters are the best! You could have a bad day and then read a love letter written for you personally can turn that bad day into an excellent day.  It's so thoughtful and caring and shows that you adore your partner.

3. Don't Spend Too Much

Valentine's Day shouldn't be a Hallmark Day ... It should just be a reminder to give that little extra lovins'. Stay in bounds with what you can afford.

4. Make a Homemade Card

This is as good if not better than the love letter. Taking the time to be creative and think about someone special is wonderful. I guarantee your lovebug won't throw this card away ever.

5. If You Buy A Card

Don't be cheesy and just sign your name. Major turn off and a BIG no-no. Might as well not have even bought one.

6. Technology 101

Definitely put phones and all electronic devices away. One night to focus on your honey bear, fall in love or fall back in love all over again.

7. Technology 102

Don't, don't, don't text others, play on Facebook, or send work emails. Bad idea.

8. Send Flowers to Their Work

I can't speak for the boys but for most ladies, they love receiving beautiful flowers and having their hunk of burning love send them something special. Gives her a chance to be proud of her man and brag.

9. The "Ex" Talk Is Out

Without question, if you have something to say about your ex don't do it. This is always a bad idea on any day really. Remember silence is golden.

10. Food Is Fuel

You'll want the fuel to keep your night going well, wink-wink. Whether you make a romantic meal at home or go out to eat at a lovely restaurant this is the foundation of your evening. End your night well and relish the time.

Key to Valentine's Day is being intentional about your love for your partner. Personalize it as much as you can. Have fun and enjoy the occasion. You'll get so much love back that Valentine's Day just might become one of your favorite holidays after all.

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