Let's say you have the desire to learn to play a musical instrument but you're not exactly rolling in the dough? You've wanted to study music for some time, but you're living the American Dream and have an unbelievably busy schedule? The Mesa County Libraries have your back.

Those armed with a Mesa County Library card now have access to Lynda. Who's that? In this case, Lynda is a "what." Lynda.com offers instructions in voice training, guitar, drums, piano, bass, and songwriting.

The course offers 15 lessons to start. Here's one example - GarageBand '09

Okay, so how do you get to Lynda.com? Head over to mesacountylibraries.org and visit the eRecources A-Z page. From there, search for the letter "L" and simply click on Lynda. At this point, enter your library card number, followed by your super-secret password, and BOOM! - you're on the way to being a creative mastermind.

Studying music is fun... frustrating at times, but fun. The Mesa County Libraries are a valuable source of information when it comes to launching your musical studies. Armed with access to Lynda, your dreams of studying music can now be a reality, even on a budget.