Stupid Criminals

Watch a Store Owner Knock a Robber Out With a Bat
The owner of Canadian Gold & Silver in northwest Canada foils a robbery by knocking out the would be thief with a baseball bat. I know one would think the store owner would have a hockey stick but a baseball bat will do more damage.
11 Stupidest Criminals of 2013
2013 was chock-full of criminal masterminds (read morons). That's right, last year we were graciously introduced to a mom who let her toddler hit the bong, the poopy-pants shop lifter, a cold-hearted nun-robbing thief and so much more. And thanks to our good friend the Internet, no dumb deed go…
Thief Thwarted In Hilarious Swedish Ad
We don't want to ruin this ad, so we're not going to tell you what company it's for, or what it does. We'll only tell you that it's from Sweden and that it's a riff on Apple Store robberies that happen occasionally. Suffice to say it demonstrates that some companies are…