Football may be a distinctly American sport, but it's about to get a bit of a classic British feel. A mash-up that incorporates Queen's 'We Will Rock You' will be used as part of CBS' coverage of the NFL.

The new track is a combination of the legendary Queen hit and composer Helmut VonLichten's (a.k.a. VonLichten) dramatic theme for the 'NFL on CBS,' whose official title is 'Posthumus Zone.'

The mash-up puts the famous foot stomps and Freddie Mercury's vocals against VonLichten's dramatic orchestral score. Guitarist Brian May re-recorded his familiar guitar parts for the song, which is called 'We Will Rock You VonLichten.'

“Creating the track with Brian was easy," VonLichten said. "'We Will Rock You' is the perfect painting. I simply re-framed it a bit."

This isn't VonLichten's first rodeo with mashing up 'Posthumus Zone.' Two years ago, he collaborated with rapper Jay-Z on 'Run This Town-Posthumus Zone,' which was used on the opening tease of CBS' Super Bowl XLIV coverage.

'We Will Rock You VonLichten' is available for sale at iTunes, where you can also preview the track.