Here it is late August, and some Grand Junction area stores have already put out their Halloween decorations. Are local stores jumping the gun for this particular holiday?

The photo above was taken during the week of August 15 - 21. At last report, Halloween is celebrated on October 31. Would you agree that two and a half months of pre-promotion is a bit much?

Someone might say, "Hey, those are just autumn decorations." Fair enough, except for the fact the Autumnal Equinox isn't until September 22. Isn't five weeks pre-promotion a bit much for that event, too?

As you are no doubt aware, Grand Junction is home to a number of specialty stores carrying a full line of costumes and Halloween-themed supplies. That's a slightly different story. There are some stores which carry Christmas decorations year round.

How soon is too soon to put out Halloween decorations and specialty items? For many people, Halloween is the biggest and best holiday of the year. The build up is understandable. That being said, isn't two and a half months of hype still a bit much?