The next chance you get, set a course for Collbran, Colorado, and enjoy the tranquility of the Plateau Creek. The creek is accompanied by a paved trail, and it makes for the perfect early morning walk.

The drive up the Grand Mesa alone makes the trip worthwhile. Upon arriving in Collbran, find a convenient parking place and set out on the trail. It is located in the main part of town, right across the bridge.

The trail is paved and accessible to anyone. It follows the creek for a short distance. Along the way, you'll enjoy plenty of magnificent scenery, and even a picnic table. This trail is perfect for those looking for a relaxing hike, and especially for those who have difficulty walking or require a wheelchair. There is very little pitch to the trail, and no stairs.

Personally, I enjoy this walk in the very early hours.  The video above was shot on my way back to the trail head, right around 8 in the morning. When you've completed the walk, pay a visit to the nearby creamery or downtown cafe, both only about a half a block from the start of the trail.

Please keep in mind the walkay is not always accessible. As a matter of fact, the last two times I visited Collbran, the trail could not be walked, primarily due to its being underwater. Spring runoff frequently brings water levels to a point where the creek overflows its banks and floods the pathway.

Use this trail! It was funded by proceeds from the Colorado Lottery and is there for all to enjoy. Get up to Collbran before it gets too cold, and walk the trail along the Plateau Creek.