The Colorado National Monument is offering free entrance for President's weekend.

The park offers a few free days each year, and this weekend is included. Saturday, Sunday, and Monday there will be no charge for admission to the monument. With the great weather forecast for the weekend, it's a perfect opportunity to check out some of the beauty in Western Colorado.

There are some picnic options in the Colorado National Monument. A Valentine's Day picnic could be romantic and nice, or a hike on one of the many trails throughout the park.

A lot of folks in the Grand Valley get the annual pass so they can go enjoy the Monument any time during the year. But, there are plenty of people who wait specifically for the free days to go.

The forecast is calling for high temperatures in the upper 50s through the weekend, and a little cooler on Monday, with a high of 50. Be sure and take a jacket, as any kind of breeze will make it feel a bit chilly.