It's not uncommon to see bubble wrap inside a package to protect the contents. In this case, the bubble wrap was on the outside and you may be surprised at what it is protecting on the inside.

I had ordered some items online and was surprised, amused, and suspicious when a big wad of bubble wrap arrived. The contents inside were breakable as clearly labeled on the wrap, but I'm still thinking there was no possible way the contents made it safely through the mail.

Well, they did and here's the surprise.

My congratulations to the US Postal Service for delivering this unusually wrapped package safe and sound.

Now, I know some of you may be thinking, what does anyone need 24 clear incandescent light bulbs for? Or, who would buy these when LED is the new way to light things up?

To answer the first question. I happen to really like the light these particular bulbs emit in most of the overhead fixtures in my house. As for the quantity, 24 was the smallest amount I could buy inexpensively.

Now for the second question. I really like LED lights. Almost all of the exterior lighting at my house is LED as is a small amount of interior lighting. We have also converted many of the overhead lights at the radio station to LED. However, I have yet to find an LED bulb I like to replace the bulbs in the fixtures I use these for.

Call me picky, call me obsessed - my wife does - or don't call me anything because this all makes perfect sense to you, too.

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