Duane 'Dog' Chapman has been very busy lately. Not only did he get engaged, but now he's chatting and sending messages to fans.

Cameo is a platform that allows you to pay to "get personalized messages from your favorite celebrities".

Now, that platform is where you can book a request or chat with the Dog himself.

Chats with Dog start at $3, while video requests were much more at $250.

Duane Chapman 'Dog the Bounty Hunter' Cameo
Duane Chapman 'Dog the Bounty Hunter' Cameo

Dog has done birthday video requests, anniversary congratulations and more. You can see all of his videos and purchase your own chat, request here.

You have to have a Cameo in order to purchase a request or chat session with 'Dog'. Once you create a profile, log in and purchase Cameo credits, then you can get to chatting.

Source: Cameo

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