I've lived in Fort Collins for ten years now. Coming down from Texas, all I knew about the town was what I'd heard about when I'd toured: how amazing the craft beer was, how much pride emanated from CSU and its alums, and how many people stayed in the town post-college because of how great it was/is to live here.

I never really questioned where the "Fort" in "Fort Collins" came from...until today. Since I was today years old when I found out this very interesting tidbit, I, of course, had to share it with you.

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According to a blog entry on The Clio, there was an actual military camp set up along the Cache la Poudre River that was set up in 1862 to protect travelers from Native American conflicts. It was called "Camp Collins", and little did these Coloradans know, it would be the eventual spot of the beloved city of Fort Collins.

While this location was set up near Laporte, the camp then experienced a massive flood and had to relocate downstream in 1873.

You probably already know this area with much fondness: the beloved Fort Collins business El Burrito, which just celebrated its 60th anniversary, sits atop the barracks site and is the very first business to be placed in the spot where Fort Collins was formed. Ginger and Baker, Odell Brewing Company, and New Belgium Brewing Company have all, over the years, populated this area as well. It's no surprise that some of our most beloved businesses sit in the area where it all started!

Let us know where your favorite spot in town is in the comments.

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