I hope you're having a relaxing day although I doubt you're kicking back as much as a famous Yellowstone grizzly named "Snow" who napped in a most unusual way as a new video share shows.

It's no secret that this moment didn't happen during the winter. Duh. It's a brand new video share that dates back to the summer where Team 399 captured a fun moment when "Snow" was having a siesta...on a tree.

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Yellowstone grizzly "Snow" has a unique history. According to a CBS News article a few years ago, her mom is also a famous Yellowstone grizzly named "Raspberry". She was one of two cubs that year. Her brother "Rocky" sadly did not survive the first year, but "Snow" is living large (in a bear kind of way).

"Snow" was observed staying close to her mom for 3 years before striking out on her own. According to the CBS News article, the best chance to see "Raspberry" or "Snow" in Yellowstone National Park is in May or June. That's around the time it appears that this video of "Snow" catching some shut-eye on the tree happened. The photographer in that article mentioned that she's known to hang out near Mary Bay and Cub Creek north of Yellowstone Lake.

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