Siri has some Halloween costume suggestions for Grand Junction and they're super weird. Thanks for the Halloween costume suggestions, Siri, and also WTF.

We decided to ask Siri what it thought we should be for Halloween and then asked you what Siri told you. We were shook when Siri told us this Halloween costume idea:

Us: What should I be for Halloween?

Siri: You could go as an eclipse. Just dress in black and stand in front of things.

How about no Siri. Our Halloween costume will most definitely not be Siri's suggestion. When we asked you what Siri's idea for a Halloween costume for you was, we were, even more, shook by your answers:

Siri told Corie Nelson to dress us like this for Halloween:

  • "Be a sign wiggler. It's a great way to communicate."

Siri's Halloween costume suggestion for Gordon Hoyt is:

  • How about a tasseled wobbegong?

Gordon had no idea what that is and apparently, it's a carpet shark that literally looks like it has tassels growing on it.

Sharon Anable commented this on our Facebook:

  • "Dress up like a bird, take a selfie, and go as the Millenial Falcon."

That one actually made me laugh, but this Halloween costume idea has us saying 'WTF Siri' yet again:

  • "Jump up and down, over and over, and shake your first. You can tell people you're antigravity."

I don't blame you if you don't dress us as antigravity for Halloween, Candice. Here are some more Halloween costume ideas, courtesy of Siri:

  • "Get some teeny, tiny tool belts and go as a quantum mechanic."
  • "You could be a pirate, I'll be your co-pirate."
  • "Put on a little round hat, and go as an inverted breve."

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