Halloween is coming up and our radio station is 100% dressing up for it. Help us choose our theme for Halloween by voting below.

As much as I'd like to say that we're just very festive people who enjoy dressing up for Halloween, we're dressing up for other reasons. We have a chance to win a big prize if and only if we dress up.

It's hard to pick a Halloween theme for the entire office, which is why we need your help. Our Halloween theme could literally be anything from Stranger Things to Guardians of the Grand Valley. If you don't see a Halloween theme you're into, just write yours in.

Vote for our Halloween theme below, voting ends at the end of Tuesday, October 23. I want to make sure we've got plenty of time to decorate ourselves and maybe even the radio station too.

We're winning that big prize this year, I can feel it. Cast your vote below and pick our radio station's Halloween theme.

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