Before we start getting a bunch of comments from keyboard tough guys, this is just a question I am asking you. Nothing from the government saying that people have to get the vaccine to receive a second stimulus check. At this point, no one is even sure that a second stimulus check will happen. But if there was a chance for you to receive a $1,500 check but receiving the vaccine was required to get the money, would you do it?

An article written this morning by 9News, is saying that a former presidential candidate is saying that offering a reward like this might be the incentive needed for people who are skeptical of receiving the vaccine. It was former U.S. Rep John Delaney if you were wondering who made the suggestion.

As of now both Pfizer and Moderna have filed applications with the Food and Drug Administration for emergency use of their vaccines. Which if approved could roll out this vaccine to health-care workers and senior care facilities in just days. It would probably take until March or April for the vaccine to be available for the public.

On November 14th there was a poll released that said 42% of Americans would not agree with getting the vaccine.

Former U.S. Rep Delaney is not a health official but did say,

"That the sooner that we get the U.S. to 75% vaccinated the faster we end COVID and the sooner everything returns to normal."

So, for a $1,500 stimulus check would you get the COVID-19 vaccine?

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