Where is the worst place to be during Grand Junction's 5 o'clock rush hour?

Grand Junction Has  A Rush Hour?

You can see the smirks across the faces of life-long Grand Junction residents who scoff at the idea that anyone would call the late-afternoon drive home "rush hour," but that's what it is. Let's consider the definition of rush hour from dictionary.com.

RUSH HOUR - a time of day in which large numbers of people are in transit, as going to or returning from work, and that is characterized by particularly heavy traffic.

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It's Not Necessarily About the Traffic On the Road

Based upon that widely accepted explanation of rush hour, we officially close the debate on whether or not Grand Junction actually has a "rush hour." I must point out the fact that we aren't necessarily talking about traffic, rather about the time of day when traffic is heavy. If you ever try to get gas during rush hour or stop for a sandwich in the drive-thru on the way home, you may experience the effects of the rush hour. There is definitely a larger volume of people on the road, at the gas pumps, and in the drive-thru.

Grand Junction certainly does have a rush hour, but exactly how bad remains open to debate.

Worst Place To Be During Grand Junction Rush Hour

We recently asked our audience about their experience and where they think the worst place to be is during Grand Junction's rush hour. Some people were definitely thinking about traffic, and some folks had some other ideas.

Steer Clear of the Worst Intersections in Grand Junction

Every community in America has its share of bad intersections and Grand Junction is no exception.

Based on our own experiences as well as input from listeners, we have compiled a list of the worst intersections in Grand Junction. Is your favorite "worst" intersection on the list?

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