We love us some movie posters. Action posters, sci-fi posters, disaster posters, Marvel posters; you name it, we’ve ranked it. But we’re not blind. We can recognize a bad movie poster when we see one. And the ones in this list are some of the wort of the worst.

Our methodology was simple: Look at hundreds of movie posters, and pick the ones that elicited the strongest negative reaction (Anything that got an audible “Holy crap!” was automatically in.) You will notice that most of these posters are from the last 30 years. Partly that’s because older posters are harder to find online (although we found quite a few and none were bad enough to make this list). More importantly, movie posters of the past seemed to be put together with more care, with striking and beautiful illustrations, or dynamic photography. Photoshop wasn’t a thing yet. Awkwardly plopping one person’s head on another person’s body didn’t exist. It was a simpler and arguably better time.

Of course, this is still a very subjective list. You are invited to share your personal picks for the worst posters in the comments section below. There are many other qualified candidates out there. Still, we feel extremely confident in our choices. Certainly we would never hang any of these in our house.

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