There are limits to what a movie poster can show — these things are publicly displayed after all. But sometimes a tease can be pretty sexy. Let’s be honest; sometimes the tease is sexier than the main event.

With that in mind, and purely in the interest of academic research and science, and not for any other reasons whatsoever, ScreenCrush decided to seek out and share the sexiest movie posters of all time. Some are decades and decades old. (One’s almost 100 years old!) Others were released in the last few years. Both genders are represented. About the only rule here was no actual pornography because that would be cheating. (Also, we don’t want to get in trouble by publishing porn.)

There were a lot of contenders, but we narrowed things down to just these 20. Take a look (or five) at our picks for the sexiest movie posters ever...

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