I don't know if this is the kind of record to brag about, but Linda Wolfe has been married a record 23 times. With that many marriages, she also has some sage advice about marriage.

Wolfe says she was first married when she was 16-years-old and found excitement in the romance of getting married which she describes as an addiction. Her first marriage was also the one that lasted the longest, seven years.

After that, there were 22 more marriages, including multiple marriages to the same man, Jack Gourley. They were married a total of three different times.

Her last marriage started out as a publicity stunt, nearly a decade ago, when Wolfe married Glynne Wolfe, who held the record for a married man. He had been married 29 times. Sadly, Glynne Wolfe died about a year after he and Linda were married.

Linda Wolfe has some sage advice to those wanting to get married,

Just get married once, and stay married. I have not had a bed of roses, believe me."


Wolfe says she never cheated on any of her husbands and even though it's been years since she's walked down the aisle, she would do it again, admitting she misses it.


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