This fisherwoman from Colorado broke two world records with this massive catch. Just look at this record-setting rainbow trout.

52-year-old Kelly Jo Hall has been fishing since she was about five years old. Both she and her parter's goal was to set a world record. This past summer, she set two.

She was awarded two world records from the International Game Fish Association. The world records are for the heaviest catches in two separate line classes.

Both of these world records were set at Groundhog Reservoir in Colorado in July:

  • 2-pound line category:
    • Rainbow trout weighed 1 pound, 12 ounces
  • 4-pound line category:
    • Rainbow trout weighed 4 pounds, 5 ounces

The fish were weighed and measured immediately and even had the owner of the Groundhog Lake RV park and Campgrounds as their witness. Having a witness is one of the necessities when setting/submitting a world record.

Kelly and her partner agree that this is "the epitome of the fishing sport, to do it on the lightest line." Usually, they're the catch and release type, but not this time. The smaller trout went to their witness and the larger trout went to a friend. If I set a world record, I'd probably want to keep it (or someone to keep it) too.

Congratulations to Kelly for not only beating her own records but beating two world records. You're an inspiration to all of us fishermen/fisherwomen.

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