A woman riding her motorcycle risked getting injured or killed in a daring attempt to save a tiny kitten stuck in a busy intersection.

The video from the woman's helmet camera shows the kitten suddenly appearing in the middle of the intersection.

It's not clear exactly how the kitten got there, but the best guess is it had crawled underneath a car without being noticed and fell out in the intersection.

It's amazing the small kitten wasn't run over as most drivers didn't even notice it was in the road.

Knowing that she couldn't ride her bike and safely hold the kitten, the woman ran with the kitten in her hands out of the middle of the intersection and handed the frightened animal to a woman who witnessed the event.

She then ran back out into the intersection to retrieve the motorcycle and go check on the kitten, ultimately taking it home.

The kitten's rescuer is trying to find the owner, but hasn't had any luck. Meantime, she's named the kitten 'Skidmark' and is taking very good care of him.

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