And the winner of the $10,000 Win Cash grand prize is...

Wayne Bourque. Our congratulations and thanks for playing the contest.

Wayne Bourque - Win Cash Fall 2016 10 Grand Winner
Townsquare Media

Wayne was at work and having a bad day when he got the news he was $10,000 richer. He said the news completely changed his day from bad to perfect.

What's he going to do with the money? Wayne, being a very practical man, says he is going to use the money to get out of debt.

We're sure he'll be on cloud nine for several days and also have the comfort of knowing all his bills are paid off as Christmas approaches.

Even though he was at work, Wayne decided he couldn't wait to claim his prize, so he left work - we hope he got permission first - and headed straight for the station to fill out the required paperwork so he could claim the cash.

Congratulations Wayne and all of our daily $1,000 winners. We're glad we could make your day.

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