May was a big money month on KOOL 107.9 with the Win Cash Contest awarding a total of $40,000 to lucky listeners in the daily contest plus the $10,000 winner Heather Tripp.

Heather was at work when she found out she had won the $10,000 grand prize. She found the news so unbelievable she even asked if the call was real or she was being pranked.

Once she was sure the call was legitimate, she had to quietly express her excitement so as not to disrupt her workplace. We're not sure how she could be so excited and so quiet at the same time, but the tears of joy probably helped.

Since Heather was so completely shocked at winning, she couldn't even think about what she would spend the money on, but she's starting to figure that out.

There are more great things you can win, including the Double Play Chicago Baseball Getaway. Click below to register.


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