From bears to beavers and mountain lions to wild burros, you never know what kind of wildlife you'll encounter in Colorado. Take a look at these pictures of super cute wild burros in Colorado telling a Colorado woman 'you shall not pass.'

While Kim Mock was near Eleven Mile State Park she came across some super cute wild burros. This is what happened when this Colorado woman encountered a ton of wild burros and how they channeled 'The Lord of the Rings.'

Look: Super Cute Wild Burros in Colorado Say 'You Shall Not Pass'

Kim Mock came across these super cute wild burros in Colorado. Take a look at the pictures of them surrounding her car and telling her 'you shall not pass.'

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Bob the bobcat acts like a barn cat and lives with horses, dogs, and 10 Texas longhorns.

Take a Mini Horse on a Walk: Western Colorado Mini Horse Airbnb

You can take a mini horse on a walk at this Airbnb in western Colorado. Moe's Mini Horse Farm is in between Ridgway and Ouray is home to numerous mini horses.

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