A family-owned business that supplies wigs for cancer patients had a few stolen recently and the hunt is on for the perpetrator.

The shop, known as "Life of the Party" is a costume store in Fort Collins that, among other things, helps cancer patients with realistic looking wigs.

On July 9, a woman came into the store asking about the wigs, seeming very kind and friendly and even purchased a pair of tights. But once the store became a little busy she apparently decided the time was right. Supposedly removing two wigs from their packaging she put them in her purse and left.

The owner, Marica Lilly, says stealing the wigs is stealing from a cancer patient that truly needs it and doesn't understand why someone would do that.

Her husband, Brandon is sickened by the event and is hopeful someone in the community will turn her in. But recognizing her may be an issue.

She's most likely wearing a wig.

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