In the wake of Lowe's testing robots for customer service, Last Week Tonight host John Oliver has figured out why real people, not robots, should provide customer service.

While an exaggerated example, if you've ever been to a home improvement store with your spouse or significant other, you've likely been through this.

The problem with home improvement stores is they combine incompatible elements of decorating and design with the practical elements of lumber and nails.

Need a place to hang coats? You and your loved one head to the home improvement store. You're thinking a two-by-four, some hooks, a can of spray paint or stain and maybe some nails or screws to attach it to the wall.

What you go home with is a decorative coat rack and complete organizing system for hats, gloves, shoes, scarves and assembly plans so vague you're not sure what's inside the box is really a coat rack.

If you get a savvy customer service person to help you, at least you have a shot at going home with something you can assemble in a few hours rather than a few days. Let's see a robot negotiate that outcome.


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